Internal Political Conflict in the U.S.

Questions I’d like to answer about internal political conflict…

Why so much internal political conflict?

What do people from each party believe about the core beliefs and values of the other party? How does this compare to what the people in the other party say they believe? Do the actions of each party align with what they say they believe?

What does it mean to be a Democrat or Republican?

Why and how were the parties formed? What are their core beliefs and values? What issues do they care about and how does this affect their thinking on government and policies? Have these answers changed over time?

Why do people align themselves with political parties?

How many people align themselves permanently with a specific party? How did this group decide which party to choose? Do they always vote along party lines or do they deviate sometimes? How many people don’t align themselves permanently with a specific party? Why don’t they? How does this group approach candidate evaluation selection in each election? Have these answers changed over time?

What are the issues?

Why does this feel so impossible to understand? Is there a valid way to categorize issues that might help us explore them together? What data is available on each topic and how trustworthy is it?

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